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M.K Management Consultants has been offering premium solutions and services for different industry verticals. These can be categorized as below:

Permanent Recruitment

Hiring a professional only by considering his skills and experience is a simple task done by most of the consulting groups. But this is also the main reason behind high attrition rates and multiple vacancies in different organizations.

We understand your need of ‘Permanent Recruitment’ and therefore keeping stability as a pre-requisite, ensure that only the right candidate with a positive mindset is sourced to you. For this, we filter the aspirants through multi-level hiring process so that only those who qualify seamlessly and also suit the work culture at your organization are cherry-picked.

HR Advisory & Training

To maintain a high standard of staffing and safeguard the interest of your organization, it is necessary to update the human resource professionals of the ever-changing trends and policies. That is why ‘HR Advisory & Training’ is essential and we at M.K Management Consultants are an expert in it.

Our professionals are highly experienced and scholastically skilled in advising HR personnel on the best business policies and how to utilize them. With this, we also provide state-of-the-art Compliance & Corporate training to various functionaries within an organization.

Contract Staffing / Temporary Staffing (Temping)

As business trends are changing tremendously and cost-cutting has emerged as the new mantra for business growth and success, ‘Contract or Temporary staffing’ has become a regular phenomenon at various organizations. But, finding ‘Temping’ candidates is a challenging task and that is where our expertise assists you.

It has never been easy to shortlist Contract staff in India as it is a relatively new concept here. But, with our professionals who have ample international recruiting experience and background, you c

Temporary Staffing to Permanent Staffing

Once you have deployed a group of temporary staff in your organization, you should also be in a lookout for some ‘Permanent Recruitment’. This is done for simplifying recruitment and replacement and with that, the cost incurred in training the candidates also reduces significantly.

M.K Management Consultants helps you zero-in on the right staff by streamlining the hiring criteria and process. By implementing various staffing methodologies, we guarantee that the retained candidates would be the best convert employees and they would not only stick with the organization for years, but also aid its growth by outperforming.

Payroll Processing / Payroll Management

In order to cater quality and ensure errorless payroll processing, it is vital to hire a dedicated staff that only manages the payment of the employees. If you want to avoid the complexities of processing payrolls and would like to focus on your core business instead of hiring a payroll team, then outsourcing is the best way out.

With our customized payroll management solutions, you can easily outsource full and final settlements, provident fund transfers, salary slips, and contract payments to us. Your requirements are looked after by our full-time payroll managers who adhere to quality parameters, commit zero-errors and strictly comply by the data security standards.

Campus Volume hiring

Mass hiring at campus level is an age old recruiting process. It is a smart way of hiring the best budding brains as they complete education and it is also a crucial time to shape up their career by providing them a performing platform at your organization.

We, with a vast experience of recruiting ‘Campus Volume’ understand your requirement and therefore follow a pre-planned selection process for optimum results. It starts with determining the right campuses which are well known for quality students. A campus drive is initiated by our coordinators to spread the word regarding the hiring and then through a carefully devised screening process, the right and aspiring candidates are chosen for your organization.

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